Eduard Canimas

Eduard Canimas
New album UN PAM NET
Undoubtedly one of the most valued songwriter.
This new work is made of ten songs. We have opened the record with topics that recover the strength and power to get us off rock zones of calm and subtle.
In return we offer you live up the intensity to finish dancing with joy.

-Canimas i rebentes - A.R.T.P. Discogràfica, 2003
-No hi ha crisi -A.R.T.P. Discogràfica, 2006
-Sagrat cor -Música Global, 2010
-Un pam de net -Música Global, 2016


Eduard Canimas - voice and guitar
David Ibáñez - electric guitars, banjo, ukulele - lap steel
Xavier Grau - bass guitar
Jaume Catà - drums


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