Music Valls Va de Vins

Annual contest that the DO Tarragona, Ajuntament de Valls and the Cooperativa Agrícola de Valls carry out the month of May to pair wine and music.

Batall produccions we take care of the General Production of the concerts, Technical production and part of the Artistic Contracting from 2016
10 May
20.00 h Sardinas Golden Rule
21:15 h Èric Vinaixa

11 May
12.30 h Trio Impossible
19.30 h Joan Reig
21.15 h Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks

12 May
12.00 h Presentació Minipop
Ran, Ran, Ran, Dj's + Tallers intantils

10 May
20.00 h Susannes

11 May
19.30 h David Carabén (Mishima)

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